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 We are looking for 2 motivated volunteers for High School IES LA ROSALEDA.

Basic info:
  • Venue: Málaga (Spain)
  • Start: 15.09.20
  • End: 14.06.21
  • Duration: 9 Months
  • Number of Vacancies: 2
  • Deadline to apply: 6th March 2020
  • On-line-Interview: 18-20 of March 2020
  • Countries: We are looking for candidates from the EU and neighbouring countries

Enthusiasm and commitment: two key requirements!!!

We are looking for candidates from the EU and neighbouring countries.

The volunteer should have knowledge of the English or French language.

Information about the organization.

IES La Rosaleda is a High school founded in 1947 in Málaga. This city, located in the South of Spain, in the autonomous community of Andalusia, is a modern and cosmopolitan place of warm weather and rich in culture and diversity.

Our school offers a wide range of studies, from Baccalaureate in Humanities, Social Science and Music and Art to 25 Intermediate and Higher Vocational Training courses belonging to the following fields.: Tourism, Hospitality, Cookery, Trade, Secretarial studies, Woodwork, Construction Operations, and Interior Design, Printing and Graphic Arts, Gardening, Telecommunication, Electronics, Metalwork, Air conditioning and Refrigeration, Welding, Vehicle mechanics, and Sport and Physical Activity Animation. We also have a Bilingual program in  Baccalaureate and in a VTC in Catering services.

We participate in many K1 and K2 Erasmus + programs that enable our students to carry out different internships both in Spain and abroad and work collaboratively on different and interesting social and cultural topics with students from other European countries.

We have around 2.400 students and 190 professional teachers willing to be open to different ways of learning and new challenges.

Many events are held throughout the school year such as “Open doors Days” in which visitor is shown the school around, “Disability Day”, “Women’s Day”, “World Peace Day”, “World Book Day”, Andalusia Day” and various campaigns to raise awareness regarding healthy eating habits, bullying, human rights, elimination of violence against women, environmental issues, etc.

The school is located in a middle-class area not far from the city centre and fosters students who come from different social classes, cultures and geographical locations. We have also hearing-impaired students and students with special needs.

Our students attend lessons in two different shifts: from 8 in the morning to 14.30 in the afternoon and from 16.00 to 22.30 in the evening for adult people.

Information about the PROJECT

Our project has to do with intercultural issues, inclusion, values, language learning skills and Erasmus+ projects and the activities we will carry out will be aimed at helping youngsters in their personal growth, enhancing their skills and aptitudes, developing their critical thinking, improving their self-esteem and promoting teamwork, cooperation, respect, solidarity, and tolerance.

We want volunteers to be eager to learn and get involved in the activities and cultural and social events at school and for this reason, we would like them to be highly motivated, responsible, hard-working, creative and respectful to others.

For us, it is very important that they are young people committed to their work and society since our main objective is to develop diversity, promote human values and overcome prejudices and stereotypes through learning and teamwork.

The volunteers will follow out some specific tasks concerning:

  • Administrative work with regard to Erasmus + projects:

For our students and visitors they will:

  • Fill out different forms.
  • Look for companies and partners both in Spain and abroad.
  • Give information about companies and transport to our visitors and look for companies and accommodation for them as well.
  • Deal with the questions that both teachers and students may have about the different projects and try to answer them.
  • support the Erasmus+ coordinators and will collaborate in the project activities too.
  • Day to day school activities.

They will:

  • Be in charge of the guided tours at school when our European partners visit us.
  • Set up an English and a French-language club both for teachers and for students.
  • Run a book club.
  • Organize debates and workshops for students about emigration, entrepreneurship and some other issues to promote values (equality between men and women, bullying, sexting, social networks, sexuality, etc).
  • Give presentations on traditions and customs among different countries to develop cultural diversity as a vehicle of enrichment based on mutual respect (food, folklore, dances, etc).
  • Plan and participate in the school cultural events (Open Door Days, International days, Graduation party, etc.).
  • Organize activities to boost life at school (contests, sports activities, newspaper, theatre, etc).
  • Participate in and energize school social networks (web, blog, Facebook, etc).
  • Seek different sources about different topics in order to be used in class.
  • Collaborate in extracurricular school activities.

All these activities will be carried out in cooperation with the different teachers committed to participating in this ESC program and with the mentor who will be also responsible for monitoring and coordinating the whole process.

Basic level of Spanish is required and we would also appreciate if they are knowledgeable in editing audio, images, and videos although it will not be a determinant factor for their selection.

We will offer the volunteers opportunities to:

  • Learn and improve their Spanish.
  • Discover another culture and meet new friends.
  • Acquire new skills and knowledge.
  • Gain experience for future jobs.
  • Learn to work according to a timetable and in collaboration with other people.
  • Deal with different difficult situations and learn from them.
  • Have the chance to put into practice their own skills, abilities and be creative.
  • Learn about themselves and their limits (their weak and strong points).
  • Get to know about Spain and how the different systems (social, political, etc.) work. It will enable them to respect others and overcome prejudices.
  • Be able to enjoy and learn by doing.
The working timetable

4 mornings from 9:00 to 14:00 and one evening from 16:00 to 21:00.

Weekly activities will change and be adapted according to the issues and projects developed that week at school. However, it will be sure to have weekly at least:

  • 1 hour to talk to the tutor or mentor at school, to check the feelings and work made by the volunteer.
  • 6 hours of activity in the Language Club with Students or Teachers.
  • 4 to organise documents, activities, tasks or search information demanded by the mentor or teachers according to the issues of the School Project.

The rest of the time will be dedicated to other subjects explained above according to needs.

If any activity takes place during the afternoon or on weekends and volunteers want to participate, they will receive free days.

Further information about the volunteers

Volunteers could cook their meals on their own in their flats; they are going to receive 150 euros each month.

Accommodation will be in rented flats shared with other ECS volunteers or Spanish people. They will be provided with standard equipment and essential household goods. And electricity, water, gas will be covered by the hosting organization.

Internet connection is not facilitated by the hosting organization. Accommodation info pack and flat rules will be provided.

The volunteer will have to make a 300 euros deposit that will be reimbursed once the project is ended and volunteer leave tidy, clean and with no damage in the private room and common areas.

Pocket money 
Each volunteer will be given a monthly allowance of 150 euro for personal needs every day.

Local transport           
Every volunteer will have a chance to choose a BIKE or BUS CARD if needed, long-distance activities will be covered by hosting organization if is it needed.

Language support      
ONLINE PLATFORM PROVIDED BY COMMISSION. There is no possibility to offer face to face language support granted by the project costs.

The volunteer will have the same holiday days as the rest of the high school:

6th December.

8th December.

Two weeks at Christmas.

One week at the end of February.

One week at Easter.

1st May.

Training and support

  • The mentor will offer constantly his support and personal assistance to the volunteers.
  • Applicant organization/sending organization/hosting organization is responsible for the volunteer’s insurance, all the parties are obliged to get acquainted with the insurance rules.

Selection process

Anyone interested may read the information below, fill in the online Application Form and attach their CV, motivation letter (in English/Spanish, in French/Spanish) and photo before 6th March 2020.

The selection will be as follows:

  • You will send your CV and motivation letter.
  • You will fill out a skill and attitude form about yourselves (interests, needs, experiences, motivation, and expectations).
  • After being shortlisted, interviews via Skype will be held from 18th to 20th March in order to choose the best candidates for our project.

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